CREATE. INSPIRE. – Nick Campbell

It was great to sit down with Nick Campbell for this episode of CREATE. INSPIRE. Nick is a genuinely cool guy that enjoys helping, teaching and inspiring others.

Nick Campbell is the founder of Greyscalegorilla, one of the leading sites for Cinema 4D tutorials and tools for motion graphics. Nick previously worked at Digital Kitchen, where he made TV commercials and title sequences for Target, Dexter and The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. Nick shares how he made the jump into working for himself, as well as some advice about doing what you love.

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CREATE. INSPIRE. – Rick Ravenell

This is the very first video of a new series we’re producing called CREATE. INSPIRE. In this series we sit down and talk with all different kinds of creative people to hear why they do what they do, how they got their big break in the industry, and what advice they have for others trying to do the same thing.

Rick Ravenell works in the VFX industry as an art director, compositor, and motion graphics artist. Rick has worked in television, commercials and feature film for companies such as Digital Domain, Zoic, Prime Focus, Encore Hollywood, and Technicolor. Some of the projects he’s worked on include feature films such as Avatar and Ender’s Game, and TV shows such as Revenge and Steven Spielberg’s Extant. Rick shares the story of how he broke into the industry, as well as some insights and advice for people just starting out. See more CREATE. INSPIRE. interviews here.

Nick Campbell Q&A

Nick Campbell from Greyscale Gorilla was kind enough to stop by the SLC Motion Graphics Meetup for a Q&A session. Super Giant Ninja was lucky enough to be able to film the session. Watch the video below: